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Introductory Post

I'm still giggling because this community actually exists.

I am half Sorbian and I live in Berlin. My mom's maiden name is Suchy which means dry / thin / tall.

I speak very little Sorbian, but I'm learning -- Upper Sorbian for those of you who know the difference! -- and I'm spicing up my LJ to reflect my Sorbianess. I've posted a few entries related to Sorbian Language/Culture, and I reckon I can cross-post future entries here now :-) to get this thing going again.

Some of my relatives are really into Sorbian culture, and one of my aunts will actually go to Texas this Summer to see what has survived of Sorbian culture over there.

And I don't get asked whether I'm from Wendy's -- I get asked whether I mean "Serbian" hehehe
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