Bibi Snurr (rachel_bartlett) wrote in wendishpride,
Bibi Snurr

One of my favourites: The Dragon

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"A house ghost that was feared and wished for at the same time was the dragon. It brought its owner fortune in the form of wheat, milk, or money, but needed to be nurtured and fed, otherwise it'd take terrible revenge. If flies through the air on a streak of fire, through the chimney, right into the hose.

In some legends this ghost takes on the shape of a small dog."

Sagen der Lausitz, Bautzen 1982
Illustrations: Měrćin Nowak-Njechórnski (Martin Nowak-Neumann)

If you're lucky enough to have one, feed them milk, meat, or fresh cheese. If you don't feed your dragon, they'll vanish and take away all the luck they brought you. Apart from that, they seem to be quiet fellows. They love having their own little corner in the attic, or the basement, where they can live.

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