Bibi Snurr (rachel_bartlett) wrote in wendishpride,
Bibi Snurr

Sorbian Spandau Ballet! 1/2

-- C'mon, could *you* have resisted this pun?

Last Friday, my aunt called to invited me to see her dance with the Sorbian Tanz-und Trachtengruppe Bröthen. Here in Berlin Spandau! So far I've only been to Spandau to shop at IKEA :-)

In two posts, as there are lots of pictures:

I was already looking forward to videotaping a TV report on Sorbian traditional costumes -- including some gorgeous historical footage. Ha, I'm too busy to watch TV, but it's nice to have some interesting stuff on tape!

Behind the scenes: Preparing.


And the other way 'round!



I've seen them dance before, but that was indoors, in a rather small hall. A full programme outdoors was much more exiting. They seriously rocked and even got the audience to scream (!) and dance.
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