Bibi Snurr (rachel_bartlett) wrote in wendishpride,
Bibi Snurr

Hahaha this community might well be exploding now... 2/2

The dresses, hoods etc. are held together by hundreds of needles. All that metal, together with the 8 million kilogramms of fabric was possibly an ancient birth control method.

Children receiving easter presents from their godparents.

A traditional drinking game. Grown up men lying on their backs trying to slap each other's behinds with their boots' shafts. Very funny. The loser pays the beer that gets everybody in the right state of mind for this.

Easter eggs...

And this was the best part: My aunt promised me to decorate some easter eggs with me next time I visit her!

Yes! Sorbian easter eggs!

Some more at My Flickr, also featuring Easterly pictures of the Zitadelle Spandau, including a fat white bunny.

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